Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Through rose tinted glasses

It appeared to me that i have been feeding my slowly growing obsession for rose, flamingo or berry i don't know when this started, maybe it was two yrs ago when i found out i needed glasses, and the only frames i liked in my budget at the time were black or berry.and due to a friends input, i choose the rose/berry colored frames, and quite frankly i liked them anyway.
since then i have worn them on and off, when migraines and headaches come, or during lectures, or when i really have to concentrate.though i fail at remembering to take them with me, everywhere.

my point is, iv'e never really liked pink, and always choose against it, if i had a choice.
finding the origin of my current obsession proves fruitless.
so why am i now tickling my world pink? who knows, but i like it, i think.

I took a few items of mine from my wardrobe to pink dye couple days ago, and its been fun.
Even the editing and enhancing of my first street photography project incorporated this currently unavoidable hue.
i will go into detail about my first street photography experience in a later blog.

but at this time i wish to share the rosy world mine seems to be at the moment.

firstly the fun i had with dye...

i might very well be the only one with an oversized cardigan in this bright magenta color.

This t-shirt i had'nt worn in months, was an ugly to be honest, due to its white color, now though being almost fluro pink, im not sure it was an improvement.

This floral T-shirt was recently brought from cotton-on, grey originally with pink and purple florals i decided to submerge it in the soup too.kinda like it with tights. though its very busy and PINK.

Thankfully my wardrobe is more about the black than anything else

And these chucks, Kaki green and baby pink, to what i would describe now as berry green, because of the color, its neither green nor berry, They are more striking in real life.

And the simple things that make my day smile.

This little cat ornament was purchased from a local second hand shop for just 50 cents, couldn't resist it.

These cushion covers....i brought five months ago from yaks and yetis. love throwing orange in with pink, ever since i saw a film called wasabi.if you haven't seen it do so.

The Rubix cube, even though i have the power to solve it, i have written instructions given to me that are proved to work, i still cant complete the last steps of 6 to 8 , though it still makes me smile.
this is a picture i took a couple weeks ago, under bad lighting, at night, and funny enough the pink tint i added to it seem to work in my opinion.
My duvet cover pattern inspires me to paint a canvas with a similar design, colors are great and wow, look Pink,....Again.

so anyway, the more i notice the more its everywhere, that dreaded pink color.just as well though, it kinda makes for happier winters looming days.

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