Monday, April 19, 2010

Brought to you by the color green, feat the word adore

Recently i decided to clean out anything i dont wear or use anymore or at all in some cases.
and i decided that i love this green hello kitty necklace i've had for a while, brought from some cheap dollar store, the green color of it attracted me instantly, tacky as it is, sometimes ya just love things no matter how bad they kinda are.

now im not into big loud necklaces but i couldn't resist it.
since buying it, i have then never worn it, just adored it.kinda defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place.
so in effort to wear or use everything i decided it was to stay in my inhabitancewhere i will love it enough to wear it.As my orignal plan saw.i can sense my obsession for green re-emerging.
so on that note here are a couple pairs of earrings i want to make more use of, or just adore to get the use out of having them.usually they hang off my roughly 40cm tall fabric mannequin torso.

love butterflies, had these for years, their fimo earrings, so tiny, too delicate to wear as my excuse, but they have the cutest white
box i keep them in, like specimens.

these earings are delicate also, like shell, brought from the same place as hello kitty.
never worn them, never been into big earrings.

back in the day, gosh that sounds so old of me, as i was saying, back in the day, i used to be rather fanatic of green, apple green, mint green and lime green to be more precise.
which is why i named my blog "Mintmannequin".
ive only just started up my blog, but ive used Mintmannequin for 4 years as an alias.
back then when i came up with it i had green in my hair which i miss.
but so many people do it now days i feel i cant.

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