Friday, April 16, 2010

My wonderland in black and white

Two weeks ago i was given the task at art school to choose a room in my house/flat, i am to investigate it by drawing, documentation, take photos silhouette, frottage, writing ect, any form that allows me to explore the rooms "character".so my room, i guess on obsevation it is filled with many textures, clowns, masks and fabrics, butterflies and books.
kinda has the 'wonderland' feel to it, so i now call it my wonderland, for project reasons.
i took a set of photos in digital form first to see what works and what doesnt, and i think what works best for this is the macro, or closer than that portrait format, to really zoom in on the pieces in my room really breaks it down to what its all about.

Then i tried black and white film, fomapan, so i could get the raw light that film captures and digital lacks.
Though the light isn't even in my room, so when i did do full room shots they tend to come out dark in some corners and mysterious, which unknowingly added to the character i was trying to emphasis.

Its still very much work in progress.

This set are all digital

The next few are from my black and white film, images i processed and scanned.

this one is a photogram
i get more satisfaction from black and white film than bright and colorful digital, although digital is useful, im no prude, but nothing compares to developing film and turning out your own images.
Photography is defiantly my outlet.
comments and opinions on my images are welcome:)

Next time i hope to have some drawings worthy of sharing.

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