Saturday, May 1, 2010

In a flurry of ideas

Image my own, used as pattern research

ok so i know i said i hated blogging, but i feel an urge to.i've had creative ideas left right and center.but no energy or time to start or finish or anyhting in between.

so i was looking online the other night, as i do most nights, when study gets a bit tedious.and came across an artist that by observation draws in biro and felt pen only in red, blue,yellow black and with the clever use of white space. creates images that have a contrast of detail and basic structure all in one, with a bit of pattern thrown in there.

I cant seem to find much about this artist, because anything i find is in another language....darn it. must gaze upon these illustrations and feel the inspiration i do:)

In responce to these images i was lead to draw, so i pulled out my biro and printed off an image i had taken of myself to grid up as a start.did that and my blank peice of paper and i was set.

Here are some various versions of my exploration.
I went and scanned clothing of mine that were patterned, so i had something to work with.
This is an image i took mid 2008 on the topic of isolation.
i like it for its texture and perspective, the mood in the clouds.
i plan on doing an illustration from this but at the moment i only have an outlined drawing. think it has potential for usage of patterns.

Now the image ive really explored with at the moment is this one.

this one was done with felt pen.

Then i scanned it into photoshop and really played around with blend modes and colors layers of the orignal drawn version of the image and photographic combined

I re-assessed my tool of choice and the manner of stroke.
so i used biro and got a finner detailing on the hair.

I then finished off the rest of the outlining of the image,and printed off an a4 size image of a floral pattern i scanned earlier.
chopped it into shape, and pasted it on as the sweater pattern, instead of drawing it in the meantime.
i plan to experiment with drawing patterns, floral, tartan textured later.
I then wished to add some color, and so didn't want to go overboard, picked my favorite combo, Cyan, magenta yellow.

I sectioned my image into three, then printed off the three images, and used one of those three colors to color each subtly. until i decided where to go next,which will be working on an idea for background of the image, rendering the eyes, and maybe adding some shadow, to make it pop.

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