Friday, May 7, 2010

Why yes i do paint.

Lately i've been in the mood to paint, as i don't get much time to go out and take photos, or have many opportunities to.
But i've been painting lately because i've been inspired to from researching for an assignment.
Way back before i had a computer, or even a camera, i used to paint. it has always been my number one creative outlet, but i never plan my paintings, their pieces that are of the moment, i grab myself a canvas or cartridge paper, and just paint from my head, or from photos as a basis for the subject.
often my paintings "float in space", and i've been criticized for that, but i feel its a theme to my work, one of many themes actually.
color, or lack of, squares or geometric shape,Unrealistic color, checks, stripes, drip lines, Facelessness, and "slap it on" painting, but always color, or obvious use of black and white, and to be honest i've only ever done one black and white painting.
so heres an array of my paintings over the years.just dating back to 2000 at least.i use acrylic 98% of the time.
In rough order.i enjoyed seeing them in order, i hope you do too.


  1. Hi Natasha, I love painting faces too - you certainly, seem to have a large body of work. Just want to know, where you posted your comments about different colours as we discussed the other day? Do you have another blog? Ta Kirsty

  2. Wow you have so much work here and all so different! I love the style of the later works how you have put the finer detail over the colour, and seeing the development of the image of the girl is really cool :)